Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Second Edition

From glory to glory aint an understatement, with over 50 entries to try out and only 15 performances! The second edition of the underground was a huge success, with performances from The Rooftop MC's , Ese Peters and special appearance by Tosyn Bucknor and Noble Igwe. We had over 300 guests in attendance, and media coverage by NN24, *whew* It was a total blast!!!

All the upcoming stars were on their A game but one person stood out, his name Karma and real name- Olumide Harding, with a swag to die for and lines to go with it. He stole the heart of everyone in attendance and emerged the King of the underground.

Following closely coming second and third were Steaze and Jazz. These two are exceptional.

The top 3 were interviewed on top radio by Tosyn Bucknor and are currently doing well. Karma has gotten a lot of media recognition and air play, and is currently working on a mixtape, while Jazz is doing exceptionally well in the UK and has currently opened concerts for big stars like Eldee and Wande Coal. We still have our eyes on Staze with her popular song called 'Captain' and another called 'Salaye'. You can follow them on twitter- @JazzOfficial, @CaptainSteaze and @KarmaTheRapper

For more info on Karma, please click here for his profile and music on

We can confidently say its the beginning of many things to come......yessir

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